Oakland CA, 94601 presentation

The entire facility designed to be power efficient as possible. It consumes extremely low energy and water costs considering the size of the facility
The FMV of lease benefit to potential buyer is ~$1.8 million and nine years of lease agreement remaining
Facility holds fenced off street parking (Motorized Gate)
Over $1 million in Tenant Improvements (fire sprinklers, epoxy floors, 32 cameras etc.)
Facility zoned for all cannabis licenses
Local and state compliance up to date. Completed job card with city of Oakland. CDFA annual renewal paid up to 05/21. There are no debts, loans, or liens on this business

Facility is designed to operate all in house cultivation, such as cloning, veg., flower, dry and processing
Facility includes full inventory of clones, teens and flower rooms
Facility is fully integrated into Metrc ( track and trace program)

If you are interested, please contact us at info@pakaloh.com.