By Andres Canales



Its official: Apple now provides access to Marijuana businesses on its App Store. It’s a big day for the relationship between the tech industry and cannabis. As of June, Apple has lifted its ban on marijuana services in the app store. This means that starting now, marijuana delivery services will be available in the app store. As of June, there has been a recent update on the Apple store policy which reads:

“Apps that provide services in highly-regulated fields (such as banking and financial services, healthcare, gambling, legal cannabis use, and air travel) or that require sensitive user information should be submitted by a legal entity that provides the services, and not by an individual developer. Apps that facilitate the legal sale of cannabis must be geo-restricted to the corresponding legal jurisdiction.”

In layman’s terms, as long as the region permits the legal sale of cannabis (for example a state that allows recreational use of cannabis) and as long at the application abides by the laws of said region, then all should be good when it comes to the question of using the application.

However, it seems that Google on the other hand is still a long way on its side in reference to its 2019 policy that has explicitly prohibited programs related to access of cannabis. Despite marijuana firms being banned from Google’s market. Several company officials have seemed to sympathize with loosening cannabis laws.