Colorado state regulators set a low bar for diversity and inclusion in the cannabis industry, and then celebrated the gains.

The most disproportionate indicator was on gender.

According to the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED), out of a total 1,942 marijuana business licenses, only 364 (or 19%) were held by women and 1,578 (81%) by men.

The MED also reported that the state had passed a goal of reaching 16.8% minority owners within the industry as of June 1, a bar that was passed by January 2022.

By June, minority ownership rates in the Colorado marijuana market had reached 18.2%, an increase from a baseline of 15.2%.

From January to June, social equity cannabis licensees climbed from 50 to 76.

However, the industry remains staggeringly dominated by white men.

According to the MED stats regarding Colorado marijuana business owners:

82% were white.
9% were Hispanic or Latino.
4% were Asian.
3.2% were Black.
1.7% were of mixed background.
Fewer than 1% were Native American.

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