Hemp has found a new home with the creators of Muscle Milk, the brand behind popular flavored protein shakes. They’ve just released an energy drink infused with hemp, a first for the fitness brand, aptly named Gym Weed.

Meant to be used as pre-workout, the drink contains 20 mg of hemp extract. For that pre workout boost, it also houses 200 mg of caffeine. The beverage is meant to provide that kick of energy without the anxiety and jitters.

“We created GYM WEED to give people an energy drink that actually makes you feel good to help you power through your toughest workouts,” tells Shane McCassy. Shane is President at Alternative Biologics, Inc. “Throughout its development, we sent samples of GYM WEED to our friends, industry leading trainers and athletes, and what we learned is what we claim: it tastes great and it provides the energy and focus athletes want when hitting the gym, without the jitters or crash.”

This is an exciting time for the hemp market as it intertwines with the fitness industry, an industry with a notoriously potent consumer ready to spend. The positive effects of hemp making their mark in this market will be certain to inspire many other copycats.

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