The Room to
Grow “Fresh Jar” is a certified ASTM, childproof-compliant jar that is
constructed from high density glass to provide ultimate freshness and
protection for your premium product.

Wide mouth design is convenient for both flower and edible products. This Jar is customizable. We provide a limitless array of finishing options from ‘Soft Touch’ to Matte Opaque’. Your brand is unique, so your packing solutions should be as well. 

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Every Room To Grow glass jar is made from industry-leading barium crown glass for maximum clarity. Barium crown glass is considered optical quality glass due to its low dispersion and high refractive index. The Room to Grow glass is 100% recyclable. Our priortity is to offer with extreme clarity for brands whose product is beautiful and needs an initerrupted line of sight at retail. We also offer endless options for glass color and finish options that maiain the recucled nature of our glass. Each of the Room to Grow lids are made from two combined pieces of plastic. The first, the outlid, is constrcted from Acrylonitrile Butradiene Styrene(ABS). ABS is 100% recyclable. In simple terms, ABS is considered a higher quality, staronger, and more preium material. ABS provides higher impact reistance while offering a better finish and shine.  Our prioritty is to create great products that look good and are responsible. Look good. Do good.

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