By Sean Lustberg, Upwise Capital


Cannabis Cash Advance: Non-Dilutive Unsecured Business Loan

A cannabis cash advance is typically structured as a Purchase of Future receivables or projected sales. This is one of the best options as a cannabis unsecured business loan. A funder will advance a fixed “lump sum of money” over a specific term, projecting the future revenue of the business. The specific amount of future income purchased is known as the total payback to maturity. The purchase amount is the total amount a borrower will pay back over the given term. Payments are fixed and typically collected automatically via ACH on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis depending on the overall risk profile. Payments can also be collected from credit card sales based on a specified percentage of daily or weekly credit card sales.

Upwise Non Dilutive Cannabis Cash Advance

Funding Amount: $10k – $10MM

Rates: Factor Rates range from 1.10 up to 1.36

Terms: Estimated payback periods are 4 to 24 months, Typically 8-12 months

Prepayment Discount Offered – No Prepayment Penalty

Fees: 1% to 3% Origination Fee

Payments: Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, and Monthly

Credit Score: All Credit Scores and Profiles are Considered from Poor to Excellent

Documentation: Simple One Page Application, 3 to 6 months of business bank statements (Financials required for over $100k Advance Amount)


Minimal Paperwork & Easy Approval
Quick & Fast Funding
Suitable for a Wide Range of Business Purposes
Prepayment Discounts for Early payoff
Some cases just corporate guarantee

May Require A Blanket Lien
Annual Costs can be Higher than Longer Term Loans
UCC may be Filed on Business
Expensive Cost of Capital
Are you wondering what the best debt capital option is for you as a cannabis business owner or ancillary business related to marijauna? Banks will not lend to the cannabis industry until cannabis is legalized on a federal level. It can be difficult for cannabis operators and dispensaries to find funding, whether it is debt capital or equity capital and partners. The best option is always non-dilutive capital for a cannabis owner because of the market opportunity in the marijuana industry. In the long run (down the road) equity capital will cost you much more than any debt capital or cannabis cash advance.

Non dilutive cannabis cash advances are sometimes the most viable option for a cannabis company to grow and use working capital. Cash advances are not a loan, and are based on the cash flow of the business. In order to receive a cash advance at a good cost of capital, the dispensary or cannabis operator will need to show strong revenue and growth potential. Upwise is looking to deploy capital into the cannabis industry to experienced operators and companies with a vision to grow. The cost of capital and factor rates vary from 1.10 to 1.36, and terms typically are approved from 6 to 12 months on a first time deal. Upwise can lend up to $10MM unsecured in house on our funding platform and will typically lend 75% to 100% of monthly average gross revenue. We can have funds wired into the business bank account typically within just one or two days, so if you need quick cash on a short-term basis, it may be a good option. Unsecured cannabis business loans are a great option for cannabis operators to capitalize on quick opportunities. However, cash advances are typically one of the most expensive ways to fund your business. You’re paying for the convenience of having access to the unsecured capital quickly.

What differs Upwise Capital from everyone else in the marketplace is our prepayment discount. We offer the most aggressive prepayment discounts in the industry starting as low as 3 points per month. Upwise has been funding cannabis businesses since early 2014 and has more experience in the industry than most firms. Whether you are plant touching or ancillary, Upwise has debt options available for your business. Cannabis unsecured business loans can be used for any use of funds to grow and expand the operation. Other types of debt loans and facilities available to cannabis business owners and marijuana related businesses included equipment financing, sale leasebacks, construction financing, purchase order financing, and senior debt facilities. Whichever debt vehicle you chose as a sophisticated cannabis business owner, make sure to do your research and work with a firm that can offer multiple products like Upwise Capital.